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Our Management Model is only credible if people truly believe in it.

At Secure Group we have a winning mentality. To create industry-leading products, we trust our people to achieve and sustain top performance. In return, we treat people with respect and provide a supportive environment for their work and personal growth. We take pride in being transparent – we want people to know what they are getting into. This is why we created our own custom management model to support our unique business. Many companies create confusion regarding performance expectations and around compensation rules, hoping they will get away with paying people unfairly. The outcomes are bad feeling, low morale, high turnover and toxic office politics. What we expect from our employees is completely transparent and our salaries policy is publicly available. We believe everyone has a right to know about career progression, how they can achieve success, and where their colleagues stand.

We keep salary rules simple and easy to understand and they are based on the levels and are public knowledge. We introduce them here. We know you can guess what your coworker is making but it’s no big deal. People in the public service and many other jobs can figure out what their coworkers make. This transparency policy keeps Secure Group management accountable to its principles of fairness in compensation.

Information on the Level, Step, and K-POC of all employees is publicly available within the company because everyone has something to aspire to. Our knowledge meritocracy is advanced so everyone knows they are paid a fair salary, compared to colleagues. Everyone knows what gets them promoted, keeping focused on the company’s mission and not office politics. In addition, everyone can share knowledge and help colleagues to develop.

We also chose to accept the fact there would be turnover we couldn't address with "golden handcuffs“. We decided to be transparent about turnover and, more importantly, embrace it so our remaining employees would feel safe. We celebrate the ones who leave on good terms and make positive contributions during their stay in Secure Group. We also redesigned our business model to significantly reduce the impact of Individual Contributors turnover on our customers, ensuring we would still be able to provide the same quality of product and level of support if someone left – which we know it’s going to happen eventually. Instead of assigning one person to each role, we created a multi-person team; if someone left, another team member would quickly onboard to take the responsibilities. We strive to document every process so knowledge wouldn't leave the company if an individual did. For managerial roles, we provide Long-Term Incentives as they are responsible for developing tacit knowledge and ensuring high performance among their teams.

We believe in transparency not only when it comes to turnover but also regarding all aspects of our business. With Performance couldn’t be different: we understand that to be a high performer means different things for different people and companies. That’s why we created our own Career Framework to provide a clear development path for all Secure Group employees. We believe that if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, you won’t perform – this is real Transparency.

Our Management Model increases employee freedom and guarantees alignment, enabling our growth and development of innovative people in a complex, knowledge-driven business environment. We clarify the behavior and knowledge sets that can drive you to career success and a bigger salary. Armed with this knowledge our people are empowered to take their career growth into their own hands. We’ve published everything on this Wiki to help you.

We want you to know exactly what you are getting into. It’s the only way to ensure that our relationship can be a win-win. Transparency is what makes us who we are but there is always room for growth. Nothing is set in stone, especially in our Management Model. We learn from past mistakes and we are committed to continuous improvement in all we do.