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The Secure Group knowledge management strategy enables our organization to create, apply, and share information, breaking down silos and increasing the usage of valuable data.

Secure Group (SG) knowledge is all about understanding the company’s products and processes, the softwares, tools, and platforms we use to accomplish our projects, and the concepts that are part of their scope. It includes technical knowledge for non-technical people and business knowledge to technical people. For this category of knowledge, we provide pieces of training because this way we can ensure that everyone has the complete knowledge set to be a high-performer in our company.

The progression in this type of knowledge starts from "having a basic understanding of their team's domain and Secure Group's strategic plan, industry, and market space" and going forward to "having a thorough understanding of the entire business, organizational strategy (strategic maps), including all department's domains, and how they contribute to the overall strategy.

Each department has a Knowledge Hub that composes the SG Knowledge. The Tech Lead of the department is responsible for managing such content ensuring proper documentation and knowledge transfer.

SG Knowledge is part of the KAI of every framework because it provides context regarding all the teams and divisions in our company. Therefore, in order to progress in the development path, employees are required to have a level of proficiency in the items available in our internal wiki Confluence.