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Generate leads, drive up tangible results for Secure Group partners, and increase their brand awareness through relevant, highly effective, cost-optimized marketing approaches is the main responsibility of our Marketing managers. It's vital not only that they use white hat marketing practices but also have the right approach to them, researching and orienting our strategy and efforts towards driving real lasting results based on customer data and latest technologies.

To ensure growth, they need extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and all aspects of our business to act as trusted advisors to our partners and to translate their expertise into increased brand awareness and profitability.


In order to progress in our development path and Level Up or Step Up, our Marketing Managers must:

  • Meet the criteria of the Level & Step Chart for Management Path
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the Marketing Realm

Salary Grid

All mentioned salary ranges represent the monthly income in Bulgarian Lev after taxes and deductions.

Marketing Management Step
1 2 3 4
Level 1 2.847 3.147 3.947 4.897
2 5.565 5.865 6.665 7.565
3 8.606 8.906 9.706 10.606
4 10.802 11.102 11.902 12.802