Technical Account Management

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Technical Account Managers establish and grow business and technical relationships with our customers. They are responsible for managing the interactions with these accounts on a daily basis guaranteeing their satisfaction. The growth of this framework includes leading Secure Group to focus its partner-related efforts on work that will have the biggest positive impact for partners. Under their scope of work, our TAMs provide partners with guidance, best practices and content creation such as: product releases, user-guides and other supporting materials.


In order to progress in our development path and Level Up or Step Up, our Technical Account Managers must:

  • Meet the criteria of the Level & Step Chart for Management Path
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the Customer Service Realm

Salary Grid

All mentioned salary ranges represent the monthly income in Bulgarian Lev after taxes and deductions.

Technical Account Management Step
1 2 3 4
Level 1 3.054 3.354 4.154 5.054
2 5.633 5.933 6.733 7.633
3 7.950 8.250 9.050 9.950
4 10.180 10.480 11.280 12.180