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As mentioned in our Knowledge Management strategy, in order to measure, manage the existing knowledge in the company and to promote accountability we created a Knowledge Accountability Index also known internally as KAI. The index is divided into 3 categories:

  1. Extensive Knowledge – this is about understanding the usage and configuration of a diverse set of tools/software/platforms, concepts, languages, protocols, etc. which affect your performance within the company. They can be related to the scope of your position but also they can be related to specific knowledge you need to acquire in order to complete tasks and projects in Secure Group. Employees should grow this knowledge and hard skills on their own, while the company will provide context on the application of the tool/software/platform within defined processes.
  2. Secure Group Knowledge – this is all about understanding the company’s products and processes, the way all teams work, the concepts that are part of their scope, and how they contribute to the overall corporate strategy. It includes technical knowledge for non-technical people and business knowledge for technical people. For this category of knowledge, we provide pieces of trainings because this way we can ensure that everyone has the complete knowledge set to be a high-performer in our company.
  3. Realms Knowledge - this is all about the concepts that are present in our business and operations categorized into domains of knowledge or activity.

To access the KAI of each framework, refer to the relevant page.