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About Secure Group Management Model

For over ten years, Secure Group has been on a journey of innovation, helping protect users’ fundamental right to privacy. Today, we rely more and more on our mobile devices, which store data on everything from our finances to our location. Anyone can become a target of cyberthreats like malware, phishing, and data leaks when they least expect it. Through strong encryption, transparency, and a tailored approach, our team works hard to ensure people and businesses can freely communicate in the digital world, confident their information is safe from threats. At the same time, Secure Group management approach is unique. We have developed our own internal Management Model which focuses on transparency and putting the trust and power in the hands of our high-performing employees. In this Wiki, you will get a detailed explanation of the important aspects of Secure Group’s way of working, including:

  • Our Mission and Vision and how we inspire our people to follow them, in order to deliver a great product;
  • How we manage our teams and structure our Leadership to ensure everyone is accountable for their work and has the chance to learn and contribute to our strategy;
  • What is our Knowledge Management system and how we make sure everyone is on the same page and has access to the right resources when they need them;
  • Our Development Paths, which helps everyone understand where they fit in the company and what the requirements are for moving up the ladder to a more senior position;
  • How we use competitive and transparent Compensation to attract the best talent in the industry.

Take your time to get to know what makes our Management Model unique - it’s all available here.

Explore Secure Group Management Model


How We Make Decisions
How we build processes and a great product

How we ensure people’s growth


Secure chat 4.1.0 introduces File sharing in Group Chat, Improved UI in Conference Calls, allowing for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

The new version of Secure OS 4.1.0 introduces advanced features and security updates alongside a better user experience revealing the launch of the newest device X2.

Moreover, Secure OS 4.1.0 comes with the addition of multiple improvements on the Dashboard itself as well as ease of use with the very first enrollment.

15 November 2021 • [email protected] (Mario Georgiev)

Secure chat 4.0.0 introduces anonymity for group chats, improved camera capabilities, typing indicator as well as multiple  convenience improvements.

Secure Chat 3.8.0 introduces increased Push-to-talk duration, expanding Group Chat Admin messages for enhanced anonymity and adds new ways to rename Shared Media

26 May 2021 • [email protected] (Georgi Karshakov)

Secure Vault 3.0.0 brings new and creative ways for users to take and view memos. Additionally, the latest version of the secure file storage app has been optimised for faster and smoother performance.

30 March 2021 • Boyan Marinchev | Product Manager

Secure OS 3.2.4 introduces a new, faster, and more responsive keyboard that significantly improves the typing experience on X1 devices.

08 March 2021 • Boyan Marinchev | Product Manager

Secure Chat 3.7.0 brings significant improvements to group chat messaging, group chat room management, and PGP Chat. Additionally, the integration between Secure Chat and Secure Vault is greatly enhanced, allowing users to seamlessly save multiple messages and attachments to the encrypted file container.

01 March 2021 • Boyan Marinchev | Product Manager

Recent SGMM Updates
28 December 2020 • Boyan Marinchev | Product Manager
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15 September 2020 • [email protected] (Yoanna Cherneva | SGMM Chief Editor)
20 December 2019 • Boyan Marinchev | Product Manager

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